How About Some Live Signals? Today’s Webinar Video

Part 1 – Trade Scalper Signals on 3 Chart Types, Rollover, etc.

Above and below, watch today’s live webinar (recorded Friday, June 12, 2020). We’ve split the recording into three parts. You’ll see live signals from the Trade Scalper price action indicator as well as the Atlas Line. We cover a number of things and answer questions from the audience.

First, you’ll see the Trade Scalper is working on a 1-Minute, 2-Range, and 2-Second chart. For profit target, stop loss, and risk assessment, on time-based charts, we use the ATR (Average True Range). For the 2-Range, we use a different method that’s taught in the customer-only training.

You’ll see John Paul use the expired June 2020 E-mini contract (ES 06-20). He demonstrates rollover to September 2020 (ES 09-20). We covered this in a recent video, but not all the webinar participants were aware.

The Atlas Line appears in the second video around 13:28. We normally use it with a 5-Minute chart. Fast conditions required a 1-Minute chart.

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Part 2 – Using Atlas Line to Filter Long Trade Scalper Trades

Part 3 – Long Trades vs. Short Trades: Does It Matter?

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