Day Trading Done Right: Shorting with Roadmap Software

Hello Traders! It’s Friday, and like many of you, I’m eager to wrap up the week early. Today, I’m excited to share a quick, four-minute video showcasing the power of the Roadmap proprietary software from Day Trade to Win. Before we dive in, please remember that trading is risky. Never trade with funds you cannot afford to lose.

Understanding the Roadmap Trading Software

Let’s jump straight into the chart. I have the Roadmap Trading Software up, which is available for both TradingView and NinjaTrader. Right now, we have a compelling opportunity for a sell. The market is moving lower and has broken through the Roadmap zone, which signals a short trade.

Spotting the Sell Opportunity

Earlier, the market hit the edge of the Roadmap, suggesting a potential reversal or counter-trend trade. Those of you who were quick could have gone long as the market moved back up to the Roadmap zone. However, the current situation presents a strong sell signal as the market continues to move lower. At 10:55, we observe that the market broke through the zone, which prompts me to go short.

Executing the Trade

Here’s how I executed the trade:

  • Order Placement: I placed an order to go short two ticks below the Roadmap zone.
  • Training & Strategy: This method is thoroughly covered in our live trading room sessions, videos, and training classes. We emphasize understanding price action to make informed decisions.
  • Clear Signals: I prefer clear, black-and-white signals for trades, and the market breaking through the Roadmap zone is a definitive signal to go short.

Target and Stop Loss

What’s my target? I look at the ATR (Average True Range), which is 2.74, to set my target and stop loss. I also factor in time—this trade should resolve (either hitting the stop loss or making a profit) within the next 10-15 minutes. I don’t want to hold this trade any longer than that.

Monitoring and Adjusting

As we progress, if another signal to go short appears, I’ll consider holding the position. However, any indication to go long would make me reconsider. Using tools like the Blueprint, Atlas Line, or Trade Scalper helps combine various methods for the best results.

Successful Trade

The target was hit, and I documented the exact entry and exit points to show you the live opportunity. This is not a market replay—this is a real-time trade. The market broke through the zone again, presenting another selling opportunity. For those of you using the Roadmap, you’ll see the same potential.


Fridays are perfect for quick trades—get in, get out, and enjoy your weekend. Today, I wrapped up by noon EST, trading for just about two and a half hours. Join us in the live trading room every day to learn how to trade price action effectively.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities. Visit DayTradetoWin to learn more about our software, available for NinjaTrader and TradingView. Happy trading, and have a great weekend!

Maximize your trading success with the Roadmap Trading Software and transform the way you approach the markets. Join our community and trade with confidence!

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