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If you’re a day trader, then you must be aware of news events. They can make or break your profits!

At Day Trade To Win, we have developed a FREE web tool that will help you stay informed of news events – The News Calendar. We like to develop free trading tools such as this to help our students and traders who are just trying to improve their results.

This market news calendar automatically lists upcoming news events for the current week. When loading the page, you are automatically scrolled to the closest news event. As a general rule, at Day Trade to Win, we tell traders to stay out of the markets for fifteen minutes once a High or Medium impact news event occurs. It’s safer to trade once volatility returns to normal levels.

To use this tool, compare the current GMT or UTC time in the upper left with the scheduled time of the upcoming news announcement. You probably already know what your time zone is in relation to GMT, so do some quick mental math in case you want to know the local time the event occurs. You can see if a news event is Low, Medium, or High Impact by using the key at the top of the page. If you’re trading the E-Mini S&P, you will want to look for USD news announcements. If you’re trading currencies or forex, you will want to watch for the related countries.

Another feature – you can see real-time news at the top of the page. You’ll see things like prices of shares, daily settlements, FOMC information, soaring or falling stock prices – they’re all covered here. This news updates in real-time so you can stay informed.

If you need help, click the Help button in the top left for more information.

The web address for the news page is:

We recommend bookmarking the page and keeping it open during trading as a reference.
Thanks and good trading!

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