Two E-mini Atlas Line Trades: Short and Pullback Signals

Get the Atlas Line signals on your chart

Here’s a quick three-minute video of Atlas Line trades for today, August 26, 2016. First, there was a nice short trade signal produce at 9:55 a.m. EDT. The signal appeared at the close of the candle, at 2178.25. The market is neither overbought nor oversold. In fact, the signal coincides with the Roadmap and a couple of other strategies. Later in the day, an Atlas Line Pullback trade occurred, signified by the multiple P symbols that appear above the candles. With Pullback, Strength, and trades used by other strategies, it’s best to make profit as quickly as possible. Behind the 5-min Atlas Line chart, there’s a 1-min chart using the Trade Scalper. Notice how price is touching the profit target. Price needs to pass through the target to ensure a fill. Within a few seconds, John Paul makes three ticks of profit.

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