Here’s How to Beat Market Manipulators at Their Own Game

Let’s take a look at the Roadmap software provided with the new Accelerated Mentorship Program. The goal of the roadmap is to beat market manipulators at their own game. If you understand that financial markets are manipulated or have, let’s say, artificial trajectories, then it may be possible to figure out these patterns of manipulation, right?

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The Roadmap software is coded for recognizing specific manipulation zones. These zones appear as lines with shaded regions. When price approaches a zone, expect a reversal to occur. This is useful because you can find an entry opportunity when price “bounces” off of a zone or you can exit a position as price nears a zone (as a novel stop loss strategy). On occasion, you will see Roadmap signals that tell you the exact entry area. More details are included with the Accelerated Mentorship training.

In this video, you’ll see how prices moves up through two Roadmap “up zones”, proceeds to move up again after a (winning) Roadmap long/buy signal, and then reverses (as expected) once a new zone area is reached. You can use the Roadmap with your other trading methods. Aside from being a primary method, the Roadmap can filter and confirm trades that come from your other systems. You can see all of our trading courses and software on this page.

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