What Does a Potential $500 in 5 Min. Look Like?

Wow, what a response on YouTube with this video. By watching, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. We recently had a testimonial from a Mentorship student talking about how “brilliant” it is to trade using both the Roadmap and Trade Scalper together. That’s what we see, here!

The first real-time signal (using 5 contracts) was worth over $300. The second signal pushed the potential over $500. The Roadmap was useful and it’s not a Bollinger Band, moving average, stochastic, measure of momentum, etc. Rather, it’s a specific price action “formula” that recognizes manipulation patterns to provide signals AND draw Zone lines where price tends to reverse or surge through. Because these may act as support and resistance lines, we can use them to help confirm other methods and/or as stop loss areas for other systems.

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There’s no guarantee that you will make money every day trading. Risk is always there, so that’s why we like to use words like “potential.” Keep in mind, your trading account needs to be properly funded to trade with five contracts (or more). The down arrow that occurred after the entry was a Roadmap signal. You can see how the Roadmap uses a different style of entry signal. The Trade Scalper uses a small triangle, in comparison.

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