Simple Trade Scalper Short Price Action Trade

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Thanks to everyone for attending the recent live webinars and presentations! We like all the feedback from new traders and those who have been using our systems for a while. Here is a video of a Trade Scalper trade taken today. The Trade Scalper software is the Short and Dbl Wick Short signals with the corresponding arrows. In the retail version of this indicator, there are a few other lines drawn that help you know when a trade is about to happen. John Paul does not talk about the Dbl Wick signals often, but they refer to two consecutive wicks. The Dbl Wick here at 2181.75 is an exact entry price you want to be filled at. It’s important to use a profit target and stop loss relevant to current market conditions. With scalping, your goal is to be in and out in a short amount of time with low risk, but a higher percentage of accuracy. Staying away from the market open and news events is one way to do that. The ATR here is at about three ticks. He is using a three tick target and a six tick stop. If your target is touched, it’s time to get out of the trade. There were a number of signals provided today. He covered most during the live training class for the Trade Scalper. From 11:00 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. EST today, there were about 10 trades.

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