Atlas Line Live Webinar from February 7, 2014

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On January 7, 2014, John Paul conducted a live webinar where he answered questions, went over the Atlas Line, and gave his predictions for the upcoming year.

The presentation starts off with using the Bloomberg Economic Calendar to find out what caused the unusually large price bar at around 8:35 a.m. EST. This move was due to employment news.

At around the 5:00 minute mark, the Atlas Line’s signals are explained. Simply put, when price is above, go for long trades. When below, go with short trades. The real-time value of the ATR determines the profit target and stop loss values. Two closing bars above the plotted line indicate that you should enter the market long (buy the market). The opposite indicates entering short (selling the market). There are three stops used to manage Atlas Line trades: Catastrophic, Time-based and Proof. It’s easy to be objective when you know exactly when to get out of a trade. When entering a trade, you want to see an immediate result. If you’re not getting that result, you need to have an exit plan, in the form of a stop loss. You will take either the profit target or whatever stop loss of the three comes first. Since the profit target and stop loss values are based on the ATR, they are realistic. The target and stop are based on real values the market is capable of producing in real-time conditions. This keeps you emotionally out of the game, objectively in the game, and equipped with a plan.

Watch the whole video to see how our various price action strategies are put to the test.

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