Trading News Events on Any Market

Download this News indicator for Ninja Trader and watch this a half hour presentation in which John Paul discusses the best way to approach news events. Most of us have left trades running, only to have our stop losses hit by sudden volatility caused by a news announcement. By monitoring the Bloomberg Economic Calendar, we know when the market moving events are scheduled and can avoid times of peak volatility. Secondly, using an exact method with a high success rate, we can take trades after the volatility subsides when a market is recovering. Watch this video and you’ll see how the news can work in your favor.

This style of trading, focusing on price movement, is what we do at Day Trade to Win. To learn every method we offer in great detail, sign up for the Private Mentorship Program Special Offer. Private Mentorship begins July 25, 2012 and includes all courses and software with eight weeks of live instruction with John Paul.


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