Trade Worth 2+ Points Spotted by ATO 2 Software

Look at this ATO 2 trade that occurred as John Paul was ending today’s live webinar. He left the recorder running, showing this E-mini trade was worth +2.25 points. On the E-mini, that’s $112.50 if you’re trading one contract. If you’re trading more contracts, just multiply. How did we know that profit was worth +2.25? By looking at the ATR tool on the bottom of the chart. It’s used as a real-time indication of volatility potential. We do a simple calculation and we know what we may be able to expect from the market. In this case, the profit target was 2445.00. There’s no guessing. We also know the direction (long) because of the ATO Long signal that appears on the chart. The trade took a while, so the video is sped up. The ATO 2 software is quite easy. And by the way, we have rules for getting out of the trade. If this trade didn’t work out, John Paul would exit the position soon after.

We’re going to post the rest of the webinar, soon. We wanted to share this with you because many traders wanted to see the result. The ATO 2 can be purchased directly from this page. We look forward to helping you learn the strategy. Yes, you fully learn how it works. Using the indicator software is optional. It’s all based on price action. After purchase, our support team can also help you install and configure NinjaTrader.

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