Today’s Afternoon Trading – Winning With Roadmap Signals

Do any trading this afternoon? Here’s a quick review of this afternoon’s Roadmap signals. Instead of a video, we found it quicker to provide this short review…

As you can see, the Roadmap’s zone boundaries (the red and bluish lines) are predictive boundaries. They help indicate “special” price boundaries. If price moves beyond these areas in just the right way, expect the Roadmap to plot a Long or Short signal. We can’t go into any more detail than that unless you enroll in Mentorship!

How can you get these signals? Enroll in our eight-week Mentorship Program. Our next class begins Oct. 15, 2020. All courses and software are provided with Lifetime licenses.

What else will you get with Mentorship?
• Eight weeks of personal training with a pro
• Atlas Line® software
• Roadmap Trade with software
• Blueprint Trade (Power Price Action method)
• The X-5 Trade (Floor Trader Secrets method)
• At the Open (ATO) Course with software
• Trade Scalper Course with software
• Price Action Scalping Course with software
• ABC Pattern
• How to Filter Trades
• How to Trade the News
• How to Set Up Your Charts
• How Manipulation Works
…plus much more!


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