Trade Management in Any Market – Webinar Recording

John Paul conducted a live public webinar today where he shared his charts with other traders. The main topic of this webinar was trade management. Trade management includes everything from order placement, to monitoring the market while you’re in a trade, to getting out at either a profit or loss.

For your convenience, here is a list of what was discussed along with the times:

  • 5:00 – using the ATR to gauge market tradability and use for targets and stops
  • 7:30 – buyers, sellers, electronic market info, moving orders, and limit orders
  • 11:00 – pitfalls of morning market activity when the bell rings
  • 12:50 – more details on limit orders
  • 15:30 – MIT orders: what they are and how to place them
  • 21:00 – interpreting NinjaTrader’s Time and Sales window
  • 22:30 – what to do when your target doesn’t get hit
  • 24:30 – how to protect yourself using ATM Strategies
  • 26:40 – front-running trades for better fills
  • 28:30 – today’s Atlas Line signals and how it works
  • 37:00 – how to use our free news event software and trading news events
  • 41:20 – today’s Trade Scalper signals
  • 46:00 – overbought and oversold conditions
  • 48:00 – best practices for getting out of positions / closing trades
  • 50:40 – a look at today’s ATO 2 signals and how the software works

If you want to get all of our courses and software in one complete package, take a look at our Mentorship Program. If you want to start off with just one strategy (like the Trade Scalper, ATO 2, or Atlas Line), head on over to our courses page.

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