These Real-time Signals Are Perfect for Beginners & Experienced Traders

For those of you who want to see our signals perform in real-time conditions, this is the video to watch. As a matter of fact, you can jump to the 12:00 mark to see a nice Long signal plot live…did you take this trade?

We start off with a 2-Range chart that contains our Trade Scalper indicator software. Take a look at that nice Long signal at 3330.5. Price goes straight up. Nice! When scalping, the idea is to win on multiple trades like this quick and easy, multiple times per day. See more signals explained at the 4:30 mark.

Throughout the presentation, you’ll notice many other signals. We can’t stress this enough: the signals do not change over time; they don’t repaint. In the world of trading signals, that’s considered a really good thing because many so-called winning systems modify signals afterwards to make performance look better. You could call it “hindsight optimization.” Or as we call it, “nonsense.” Our signals don’t do that; they appear as you see them and they don’t change. You get what you see!

As a reminder, be careful when trading the market open (first 20 min. or so) and near market close (last 20 min. or so). At the end of the day, the everyday trader is “squeezed” because they are trading on a margin. The market forces many exits and these cascading effects can increase unpredictability.

Do you know why we don’t offer a trading room? It’s because we want you to be independently successful. You can get signals based on your understanding of the methods and from our indicators instead of some person who has to show up to a webinar room every day and has enough coffee to effectively call out trades. We’ve seen many other problems with trading rooms in our 10+ years in this business online. Trust us when we say that independent success is the way to go…

That’s why we offer an eight-week Group Mentorship Program. The next one begins Aug. 24. You can get the first week’s course and software right away by enrolling – click here for the Mentorship page.

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