How to Find E-Mini S&P and Euro Trades Using the Atlas Line

It’s time to turn up the volume and open your mind as John Paul demonstrates two unbelievable trades. They’re so good, we’re letting the trades themselves do the talking.

At first, he does the unthinkable: going short right after three consecutive large green candles. Why? The Atlas Line said so. Price was headed toward the Atlas Line, indicating an Atlas Line pull back trade (at least two bars pulling back followed by one candle closing in the red). ORDER FILLED. This resulted in a nice 1 point winner based on only on price action and the Atlas Line.

Next, we had a crazy good time trading the Atlas Line on the Euro (6E) today. Plenty of opportunities for profit:

Trade 1Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6Long – win for 4-5 ticks

Using the ATR, we knew when to get out. In total, this could have been a day of 32 ticks for Atlas Line traders. How well did you do today trading the Euro Currency?

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