Scalping Signals: Managing Expectations for Futures Trading

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Look at this huge move down today! You’ll see a great Trade Scalper short signal. Our other methods like the Roadmap, Blueprint, Atlas Line, etc. can filter the Trade Scalper, but the scalping method is designed for standalone use as well.

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Remember, always consider the risk, profit target, and how you’re going to manage the trade. We always trade with a time limit. That’s what we call a time-based stop. Ideal trades are those that reach the target quickly because the longer a position is open, the greater the risk.

Following Scalping Signals

Markets love to test where they’ve been. Will there be a continuation? That may not happen. The important part to remember is that following these scalping signals, following the rules, resulted in a nice win.

After purchasing the Trade Scalper, you get access to the Member area, which provides both a (recorded) training video and live training. You’ll be able to ask the instructor questions and get answers right away. Email support is also included. If you need help getting the scalping signals working, we can assist you via remote support.

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