Today’s Webinar Recording – Four Markets Traded

Trading isn’t getting any easier as 2012 rolls along. Opportunities exist every day to get ahead, you just have to know where to find them! Today, did you trade the E-Mini, Australian Dollar, Light Sweet Crude, or the Mini Russell?

This morning, John Paul conducted a live webinar where he showed the Atlas Line on these exact markets. Winning trades were everywhere.

Also, you’ll see the updated Atlas Line® in use. All of those “S” symbols represent Strength Trades. The “P” symbols represent Pullback Trades. Watch the video to see how these symbols are used.

Additionally, John discusses the mysterious “phantom orders” that appear on your price ladder (DOM). He also shows the new Roadmap software, an automated version of the prized method included with the Private Mentorship coaching program. You’ll learn something new by watching the video.


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