Today’s Atlas Line Signals: ES and NQ Winners

So, are you going to buy or sell? If so, when? These are the two questions traders ask themselves constantly throughout the day. But if you use one of our systems like the Atlas Line (see new video below), you won’t have to ask yourself any questions. You can just follow the signals and stick to the rules.

When trading futures, it’s possible to make and lose money when the market (i.e., price) goes up and down. Today’s Atlas Line shows price going up strongly after a long (buy) signal. That’s great! And notice how when the market went sideways, there were no more signals. Another great thing! Who wants to risk trading during choppy conditions?

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That was the E-mini S&P 500, but what about the Nasdaq for today? Similar story. A great long/buy signal before price moved up significantly. And later in the day, a great short signal after price closed twice below the Atlas Line (and kept going down).

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Also, here’s a new video from a couple days ago that provides John Paul’s analysis regarding the bearish market, long-term recession possibility, historical insight, etc.

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