Using the Roadmap Price Action Strategy on E-mini S&P

John Paul spots a Roadmap opportunity on the E-mini S&P on August 12, 2016. Most indicators would be telling you to go short. It looks like a downward trend, why not? However, you would be mistaken. The Roadmap (provided with Mentorship) is telling you the opposite – go long.

The markets are manipulated. Unless you know where to find the manipulation, the markets can trick you into following trends that aren’t truly there.

What does the Roadmap do? It can help you spot manipulation and find exact trades (entry points) to take. It also filters other strategies. In the video, watch how the market reverses to the long side, as predicted by John Paul.

How can you get the Roadmap? Join the next Individual or Group Mentorship Program. The next class begins September 6, 2016. Classes will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. US/Eastern (New York Time). Click here to submit your deposit and reserve your seat. With your deposit, you will receive the first week’s course and software (ATO strategy), so you can study and practice in advance.

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