Atlas Line Trades for July and TradingPub Webinar

Here’s a recap of July 2012’s Atlas Line trades. These stats were compiled using data from the Recent Trades page. The results do not account for slippage, brokerage fees, trading platform fees, etc.

Atlas Line Trades for July 2012
Total # of trades = 65
Total # of days traded = 20
Total net profit or loss (using 10 contracts excl. fees) = +$15,625.00

Remember, past performance is not indicative of future results. There is substantial risk of loss in day trading.

Here’s a half hour presentation John conducted for the TradingPub community. Over 160 attendees witnessed John calling out the setups on his live charts. This presentation discusses the ATR (Average True Range) in great detail. Using this tool, you can base your stops on market activity instead of arbitrary values. John also discusses the entry and stop out rules for the Atlas Line trading software. Audience questions are answered. A review of recent trades are also shown.


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