Absolute Clarity in Trading: 8-Weeks of Video Mentorship Begin Monday

Video – Want to know what our 8-Week Group Mentorship Program is like? Watch this video where we show a number of the trading methods along with charts and signals. The goal of Mentorship is for you to know all of our unique price action methods and how they can work together to provide a consistent trading experience. The next class begins this coming Monday, April 5. We are expecting the class to fill up quickly. If you’re serious about learning all of the techniques, click here to get started.

Some of the methods you’ll be learning include:

  • Week 1: ATO 2 (At the Open 2) – learn how to recognize the big push that often occurs at the start of the day. You’ll learn how to capitalize on it, where to place your profit target, stops, and manage the trade.
  • Week 2: Price Action Scalping – this is a scalping method we seldom talk about. We keep this one rather secret. It uses a tick chart. Again, exact trading rules are taught.
  • Week 3: Blueprint – this is another powerful price action method complete with exact rules for identifying trades and managing them. This is another one we don’t disclose much about unless you’re a Mentorship student. We think you’ll enjoy learning the pattern and seeing how effective this method can be.
  • Week 4: Trade Scalper – this is our most popular trading method, as we also offer it standalone. A 1-minute chart is used to identify many scalping opportunities every day. The signal software makes it easy to find the trades.
  • Week 5: Roadmap – the markets are manipulated and the Roadmap is here to save the day. The Roadmap software gives you entry signals. It also draws multiple lines that let you know of key price areas where price is expected to behave differently (support, resistance, etc.). Therefore, you can use it as a filter to avoid potential losing trades and confirm potential winners.
  • Week 6: Atlas Line – another powerful technique that gives you signals and filters trades. Like the Roadmap, it can give you a direction of price may go long term, but the Atlas Line does it in a completely different way. We love to couple the Roadmap with the Atlas Line.
  • Weeks 7 & 8: X-5, ABC, News, and review – we apply the finishes touches to your education by teaching you the X-5 (Floor Trader Secrets) method, ABC method, News method, and review all that we’ve shown you. We want you to be fully capable of trading on your own, day in and day out as a professional trader.

Mentorship Access

We record all the Mentorship training sessions and provide you the recordings within your own video account. In the future, you’ll be able to log in and watch the recordings. Also, all of our material is provided with a Lifetime License.

Whether you’re a trading veteran wanting an edge or a complete beginner, we’re happy to help! Get started by providing the Mentorship deposit. We’ll contact you and make sure you can join the new class on Monday, April 5. If you prefer one-on-one training, email us at support@daytradetowin.com and we’ll coordinate your availability with John Paul’s.

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