Rollover Reminder for E-mini S&P + NinjaTrader License Discount

NinjaTrader E-mini Rollover Date for CME Equity Index Futures Trading

Remember to roll over your futures contracts (i.e. ES 12-20 to ES 03-21) on or soon after Dec. 10, 2020! As mentioned, this includes the E-mini S&P 500 and other popular CME Equity Index futures.

In NinjaTrader, you can easily perform the rollover by going to the Control Center > Tools > Database Management > and click Rollover. Note that you need to do this on Dec. 10, 2020 or soon after. If this wasn’t clear, watch our rollover how-to video.

By the way, if you try to do this before the roll date, the ES will not appear in the rollover list. NinjaTrader “knows” when instruments need to rollover, but the platform still requires user action to initiate the rollover.

We mention the following just about every time we post about a rollover. It’s worth mentioning again. Rather than rolling over straight away on the roll date, some traders prefer wait until the majority of the volume has “transferred” over to the new futures contract period. This may occur later on the rollover day or a day soon afterward. Check with your broker first on whether this approach is appropriate for you. If you want to monitor the volume of the E-mini S&P, visit the official page on the CME website. The volume information is nearly real-time (delayed by 10 min. or so) and the volume values for the current and incoming contract periods are easily compared.

Speaking of NinjaTrader, you’ve probably seen that nearly every chart and video that we have shows NinjaTrader. We were recently informed of NInja Trader from Dec. 7, 2020 through Dec. 18, 2020 where their Lifetime licenses are discounted as follows:

NinjaTrader License Savings, Sale, Discount

• New Single-Broker: $999 ($100 savings from $1099)
• New Multi-Broker: $1,349 ($300 savings from $1649)
• Trade Up from Single to Multi: $350 ($200 savings from $550)

If you have questions about the promotion, you can email NinjaTrader support at

And of course, if you have any questions about our trading courses, software, rolling over, etc., feel free to reach us at

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