Powerful 2x Roadmap Signals, Zones, & ABC

Who says you can’t find great signals pre-market or in the afternoon?

Today’s chart shows that you can. In fact, our powerful Roadmap and ABC signals made it easy. In the chart image below, you’ll see 2x winning Roadmap signals and a winning ABC signal.

Take a closer look at the chart below.

See those Zone A, B, and C lines near the purple arrows? Those help identify key price action areas. See the Zone A, B, and C on the right of the chart? Guess what happened! Pull open a 5-Minute E-mini chart and you’ll see. Go to 3:20 p.m. ET (when we took the screenshot) and keep scrolling. Price dropped big time! That’s how you know the Roadmap is predictive.

Roadmap Trading Signals + ABC Method from DayTradeToWin
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Predictive Roadmap Trading Signals

Indeed, The Roadmap Zones “called it” in advance. We didn’t mark up the other zone areas, but you can see how that can also work as boundary points. If price should push beyond them, that may be an indication price is expected to continue. The exact rules for all of this are disclosed in the eight-week training.

This is why we say the Roadmap is so powerful! It’s a great addition to any trading setup. Can you imagine what your trading will be like once you add the Roadmap? As seen here, the ABC Long/buy signal occurred around the second “up” Zone line, Zone B. It compliments our other methods very well, to say the least.

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