Scalping the E-mini for Ticks Using Limit Orders

Get the Trade Scalper signals on your chart

Let’s take a look at a E-mini S&P Trade Scalper trade from Aug. 26, 2016. The Trade Scalper software produced a short signal at 2181.75. This is the exact limit order price John Paul wants to get. Typically, with market orders, you’ll lose a tick due to slippage. As with any trade, getting filled sooner rather than later, is preferred. The longer the wait, the greater the risk. Especially in scalping, you want “instant in, instant out” if possible. Scalping can be done all day long in different markets, but the conditions have to be suitable. Avoid news events, as they produce market volatility. Also, avoid the first 10 minutes of the session open and the final 20 minutes of the day. During these times, buyers and sellers are battling it out, and individual traders like yourself can get into trouble. In this trade, the profit target is about two ticks. If the profit target was not reached, you would follow the rules to exit at small profit, break even, or loss. Markets love to test where they’ve previously been, and this trade is an example of that.

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