Our Roadmap Software Identifies Manipulation Zones

The markets are manipulated. If you’ve been trading long enough, or just read the headlines and make a certain number of assumptions, this should come as no surprise. However, there is a pattern to *some* of the manipulation. If you can see the pattern, there is a chance price will bounce off these key areas and reverse. This is what you’ll see in this video. Our exclusive Roadmap software (part of our 8-Week Mentorship Program) draws Zone lines to identify these potential pivot points…

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Right away, you can see how price had a tendency to avoid surpassing two Zone thresholds. In both instances, there were short (selling) opportunities when price approached or “bounced” off the Zone line above. We can use these Zones to filter out trades. There is no reason to take any long signal from any other system when conditions are like this. As a Mentorship student, you will learn how the Roadmap takes priority over other trading methods. It provides both long-term and short-term indication of resistance, support, as well as signals, all based on a unique approach to price action and an understanding of manipulation patterns.

Even with the excellent Roadmap strategy, it’s important to respect the rules and timing of the method. If you take to long to submit an order or your attention is called to the chart too late, it is possible you can miss out on a trade. Again, don’t chase trades. Rather, wait for another opportunity to emerge. Stick to the rules. Be objective.

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