Profit As a Trader – Market Manipulation – Explained!

Hello everyone! Today is June 3rd, the first trading day of June. In this post, I will show you exactly how to make about $200 to $300 on every trade using roadmap zones. This method is not complicated; it uses price action, and I will walk you through how it’s done. Let’s dive in!

Before we begin, remember that trading is risky. Please don’t trade with funds you cannot afford to lose, as there are inherent risks involved with trading. Now, let’s look at how we can profit by using the roadmap software from Day Trade to Win.

Short Trade Strategy

On the chart, we’re using roadmap software exclusively from DayTradetoWin. Our exact entry price is 5311. The way this works is simple yet powerful. These zones are crucial; as the market approaches these zones, it either reverses, providing a signal to go short, or breaks through, offering an opportunity to go long.

In this instance, the market went through the zone in the same direction, justifying the trade. This move typically nets about four to five points, equivalent to roughly $250, depending on market volatility. If the market is strong, we can aim for more profit. Conversely, a slower market necessitates smaller stops and targets. We use the Average True Range (ATR) to gauge market strength or slowness.

Trade Execution

When the market hits a zone, our rule is to wait for two consecutive candles that cannot break through before considering a reverse trade. This is why we had an arrow signaling a short trade around 9:26 AM. It’s crucial to be cautious when the market opens, but as the market retraces to the zone and reverses, it provides another short opportunity. Depending on volatility, this could be good for another three to four points.

Managing Stops and Targets

We place stops just outside the zones or use what we call a pivotal stop. This approach, along with many others, is covered in our live training sessions included with the roadmap or trade scalper packages. The idea is to visually see market movements and use price action to dictate trades.

Following the Market Down

As the market declines, we received a trade scalper signal at 5307.5, indicating another short opportunity. The goal here is to see the market either continue through the zone for more shorts or reverse for a long position.

Continuation and Validation

When the market broke through the zone at 5302, it indicated a continuation downward, providing an excellent short opportunity. Traders in our live trading room, equipped with the same software, can capitalize on these signals together. It’s a robust system for trading price action based on market manipulation principles.

Additional Trade Example

At around 10:16 AM, the market slowed down and entered another zone. It got stuck and began to reverse, signaling another short opportunity. Stops should be placed just outside the zone to protect against reversals.

Understanding Market Manipulation

These roadmap zones are based on market manipulation. Institutional traders often accumulate positions and then dump them to take profits, causing the market to react in predictable ways. Knowing where and when this happens allows us to take advantage.

Final Thoughts

Trading with the roadmap zones simplifies the process. There’s no need for complex indicators. We rely on how candles react around these zones with clear rules and a structured approach to stops and targets. Time-based stops and market volatility further guide our trading decisions.

If the market holds a zone without breaking, it indicates strong support or resistance, creating reliable trading opportunities. Patience is key, and one of the four pillars of trading. Wait for clear signals, follow the rules, and manage your trades diligently.


If you’re interested in learning more, join our live trading room or consider our mentorship program. We include the roadmap, trade scalper, and other tools to help you succeed. Visit DayTradetoWin for more information, subscribe to our YouTube channel for hundreds of educational videos, and start your journey to successful trading with a free member account.

Happy trading!

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