More Scalping Winners: Easy Price Action Signals

Were you using our Trade Scalper software yesterday, July 28 with the E-mini S&P? If so, the signals were again, excellent. Within the first 30 seconds of this video, you can clearly a solid number of consistent winning signals. Once you have the Trade Scalper, you will see the same signals we see.

With this scalping method, we’re using a 2-Range ES 09-20 chart with NinjaTrader 8. Traditionally, a 1-Minute chart is used. We can trade the 2-Range interval under relatively slower conditions, which may be the new norm compared to weeks and months ago of very volatile conditions. That’s good news for us traders, as you have more chart types to pick from. As mentioned in the video, tick and volume charts are also compatible. Make sure you’re trading markets that actually move: the ES, NQ, YM, 6E, CL, etc.

At about 3:00, you can see what’s it like to get a real-time signal. There’s an audio alert (doorbell) along with a Short (or Long) text signal. That’s the entry price you should aim for. It’s then up to you to place an order, and providing you get filled, manage the trade according to the rules you’re taught. Remember not to chase too far!

A market order may give you a tick of slippage; generally order fulfillment within a tick or two is acceptable. We let price action tell us how much to “go for” (aka profit target) on each trade and how much to risk (aka stop loss). This dynamic approach allows us to capitalize on bigger win potential when the market is more volatile rather than limit ourselves unnecessarily.

Back to the trade at 3:00 – John Paul is going for three ticks of profit. He’s showing you a scalping method, after all, so the overall idea is to go for multiple winners that have smaller profit targets than, say, our Atlas Line® software. We often pair the Atlas Line® with the Trade Scalper so we can have the best of both worlds.

A couple reminders:

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