Let’s Look at 4 Markets Using the Atlas Line

Let’s take a look at today’s Atlas Line signals for the E-mini S&P 500 (ES), the Euro (6E), the Dow (YM) and the Nasdaq (NQ).

You’ll see the E-mini (ES) first with plenty of Long signals followed by upward price movement. That’s what we like to see! Those “Ps” you see on the chart are Pullback signals. The “Ss” are Strength signals. They are both part of the Atlas Line system which produces the main “Atlas Long” and “Atlas Short” signals. Notice how the were no signals for the second half of the chart as shown at the 1:12 mark. It was as if the Atlas Line said “Don’t bother trading for a while” because the market was about to chop (and it did).

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Next, take a look at the Euro (6E) and see if you notice anything interest. Just one main Short signal, price drops (great!) and then a few Pullback and Strength trades later on. Remember, you don’t have to take the Strength or Pullbacks. Some people like to use the Atlas Line and these supplemental signals to aid them with their other trading methods as a sort of confirmation or “second opinion.” John Paul enabled the Bounce signals for this chart, which are recognized as Atlas-B. They can be Long or Short. When price “bounces” off the Atlas Line a certain way, expect additional opportunities. It’s interesting how price almost “plays” with the Atlas Line and the Atlas Line says in the morning, “This is how it’s going to be – I’m not changing direction or slope – I’m going to be constant all day and if price happens to intersect me, or bounce off of me in certain ways, I’ll give you, the trader, the signals you need.”

The Dow (YM) is next. Here, we see price take off after the Long signal followed by some Pullback trades. Some of those Pullbacks may not have worked out. This is why we say the main signals are more important as well as where price is in relation to the Atlas Line’s line. If price is above, then “Long trades” are the overall way to go, and that’s what happened here. That’s why we say the Atlas Line can help confirm your other methods.

The Nasdaq (NQ) is almost the same story as the YM. By the point, I think you understand!

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