Watch How This Scalping Trade Actually Worked in My Favor

Here’s a video of a Trade Scalper trade from this morning. After a weekend off, many traders are eager to jump into Monday morning trading. Eagerness can easily lead to mistakes. It’s important to stick with a set of rules or a procedures that you understand and can comfortably put into practice.

Remember that we’re trading the June contract at this time. The roll date was back on March 10 and the expiration was March 18. So if you’re still using ES 03-22 charts, it’s time to roll them over to 06-22. If you need assistance, see our tutorial here.

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When scalping, it’s important to get in soon after the signal in order to get the best price possible. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a situation where you’re chasing a move that could be over with or your entry position is not ideal for maximum profit. Despite a late entry, this trade was still a winner for John Paul; winning three points and getting in a point away than ideal.

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