Simple Live Trade on E-mini S&P

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In this video, John Paul takes a moment from one of the live classes to take a live trade. It was a short E-mini trade on August 13, 2014 at around 11:50 a.m. with an entry price of 1944.00. The profit target was one point at 1943.00. The pivot stop was two ticks above the pivot (not the entry) at 1945.75. If the profit target was touched but not filled, John Paul would have moved the stop loss to allow for a break-even trade. When starting off with any of our methods, it’s important to paper trade until you feel comfortable, then move on to one contract and see how well you do in real markets. Practice goes a long way. The Stair Step method is also discussed lightly. When fully applied, this strategy will help you identify and manage trades when price is trending in an upward or downward zigzag pattern. On such days, it can be difficult to determine if price has just become stagnant, within a range or if it’s expected to keep breaking new highs or lows. To learn more about the Stair Step and the method John Paul used in this live trade, click the Power Price Action link above.

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