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Babak took part in our Mentorship Program in August, 2012. Before he was an income trader, Babak was a teacher and network engineer for over 20 years. An unsteady career led him to create his own business as a professional trader. As a professional trader, he first began buying and selling stocks. For three years, he day traded stocks but found the results to be inconsistent; nothing he could count on as an income. Through research, he realized trading futures was more cost effective than trading stocks. On other day trading websites, he participated in classes and seminars that focused on watching indicators and broad market conditions as a gauging factor on his trades. However, these strategies did not provide him with enough confidence. He found his timing to enter and exit to be way off due to following lagging indicators.

By finding Day Trade to Win’s price action methods, Babak became successful. He was able to pinpoint entry and exit strategies and stay on the “green side” for a change. He realized indicators are always lagging to interpret the current condition of the market.

“The funny thing is John’s method is so simple to follow. Having live webinar sessions recorded make it so easy to go back and reinforce the lessons. I can still access the recorded sessions that I attended and review them as many times as I need. They’re still there. After eight weeks of Mentorship Training and practicing with paper money, I became consistent with the number of my winning trades as opposed to the losing trades. I know every morning how to set up my charts, what to look for, and most importantly, how to keep emotion out of every trade I make. To me, that is a blessing and the empowerment I got from John Paul and Day Trade to Win.”


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