How to Identify Manipulation Zones Using Roadmap Software

The Roadmap is our powerful filtering software that also provides entry signals. It’s especially useful when looking for opportunities during market manipulation. Why is manipulation? One form it can take is when institutional traders and their systems participate in substantial buying and selling (effectively driving price up or down) in order to cause a sudden reversal and an “unloading” of the orders.

The Roadmap helps to identify such areas by drawing Zone lines. As shown in the video, the Zone A that was drawn says, “Avoid going long beyond this region. Price is expected to soon reverse.” Indeed, that’s what happened! And that’s not all. The Roadmap produced a short signal near the peak. That was a great signal—price dropped right after.

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What happens if price keeps plotting near the zone? John Paul covers that. If price were to break through, expect another zone that points out another area of manipulation.

See another example of a manipulation zone around the three-minute market. This time, the zone is below price and there’s a winning long signal.

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