Was Today a +17 Point Day Using the Atlas Line?

Let’s take a look and see what the Atlas Line did today, July 21. Using a 1-Minute E-mini S&P 500 chart, today looks like a +17 point day, despite the first two signals being a washout, essentially. After those signals, we saw consecutive winners.

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The Atlas Line is entirely price action based. It “looks” as recent price movement to generate (or not generate) signals. Conditions have to be ideal. Do you want signals in less than ideal conditions? Didn’t think so!

If you prefer to trade in less volatile conditions, you can use a 30-Second chart instead. This will reduce the ATR values and scale down the profit target and stop loss amounts.

The Atlas Line can be purchased standalone or as part of the Accelerated Mentorship Program. Accelerated Mentorship provides everything with Lifetime licenses. See all the details here.

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