Day Trading Education: Guessing Doesn’t Work

What did the market do today? Watch and see. In the video above, compare the Atlas Line and ATO 2 (on the same 5 Minute chart) and Trade Scalper (2 Range chart) side-by-side. There’s no Market Replay aka Playback Connection in use, here. This is a real-time trade based on signals that also occurred real-time. You’ll notice the trade being placed on the left chart (5-min) due to the price action Atlas Line signal. Overall, a number of great short signals appeared for both systems. Not all days will be so easy.

In this video, look out for answers to these trading questions:

  • How much is each tick worth in the market you’re trading?
  • What about forex? Is spread a factor?
  • What about broker commissions and the bottom line?
  • What financial markets are best to trade?
  • What happens if a signal appears when I’m already in a trade?
  • What about slippage that may occur for certain order types?

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