6 Ticks in Blueprint Trade on E-mini S&P 500

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Power Price Action is a four DVD trading course that you get in the mail. Each DVD teaches very effective price action trading methods. The most powerful of these methods is the Blueprint Trade, also called the Blueprint Setup. In this video, John Paul takes a Blueprint trade on the E-mini S&P 500. By recognizing the Blueprint pattern and trading the rules, you can be consistent with your results just like John Paul.

What is the Blueprint trade? You’ll have to get the course to know exactly. You’ll learn how to interpret what price is doing, and a very specific entry, stop, and profit strategy that works whether you’re trading stocks, futures, currencies, or forex.

The ATR (Average True Range) dictates the Blueprint trade’s profit target. In this video, it’s six ticks. At this point in time in the video, we can reasonably expect the market to move this amount based on current volatility.

The eight weeks of live training included with Power Price Action ensures you’re trading the method correctly. It’s easy to read a day trading course and misunderstand the rules. John Paul makes sure you fully understand by sharing his charts with you once a week while going over all the recent trades.
The bonus X-5 guide, also called the Floor Trader Secrets Manual, teaches you an entirely separate method of trading nothing but price action. You’ll learn additional entry, profit target, and stop loss rules to be used in conjunction with your current strategies or standalone.

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