Big Atlas Line Trade Worth 3+ Points

Did you take this Atlas Line trade today? What about the follow-up Strength (S) and Pullback (P) trades? If not, consider purchasing the Atlas Line to receive the same automated trading signals.

If you’re new to the Atlas Line, let’s break down what we’re looking at on the chart. Firstly, the Atlas Line plugs into NinjaTrader as an indicator. Once added to the chart, it will plot signals depending on price’s behavior in relationship with the plotted line. When two signals occur above the line, a Long signal will appear. When two signals appear below, a Short signal appears, as is the case here. Today’s short signal for the E-mini S& 500 (ES 12-18 in NinjaTrader) appeared around 10:00 a.m. EDT (GMT-4, New York time). This allowed plenty of room to get in on a winning short trade. According to the rules, you use the ATR (Average True Range) to determine the profit target and stop loss. This Short trade looks like it would have been worth well over three points. The reason for using the ATR is to allow a flexible profit and loss goal that’s based on recent price activity.

If price does not intersect and close twice on the opposing side of the line, you can still look for additional signals. These are the Strength and Pullback signals mentioned earlier. The rules for trading these are taught in the included training video and live training.

Many traders tell us they like the Atlas Line because of its mechanical nature. When a system takes the guesswork out of trading, there can be less stress and tendency to second-guess.

We offer two different license options: a 6-Month or Lifetime. If you want to upgrade to the Lifetime License, let us know within the first 30 days of your 6-Month purchase. We’ll gladly apply your 6-Month purchase credit towards your Lifetime upgrade.

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