2 Short Scalping Trades Today (Trade Scalper)

Like quick trades? Purchase the Trade Scalper and get these signals for the next trading day.

Here’s what it’s like to see a Trade Scalper signal and then trade it. It’s really the same process you would undertake if you had the Trade Scalper software running on your chart. As usual, we’re using the NinjaTrader platform. If you need help getting NinjaTrader on your Windows computer, send us an email at support@daytradetowin.com.

Moving forward, this is a Short trade. The order is placed using the Dynamic SuperDOM (off-screen). We have Chart Trader enabled with an ATM Strategy, so you can see the profit target (green) and stop loss (red) lines and values. Look at how fast the profit target was hit. Don’t delay when scalping. Preconfigure ATM Strategies based on frequently used profit target and stop loss combinations.

Since we’re trading the E-mini S&P here, 1 tick = $12.50. Therefore, 4 ticks (aka 1 point) = $50. If we’re trading 6 contracts and made 1 point of profit (excluding broker fees, etc.), that’s $300 in profit. Of course, you’ll need to have enough funds to trade multiple contracts. Regardless of the amount of money you have, we recommend taking it slow and devoting significant time to practice via paper trading. Then when you’re ready, start off with just one contract to get a feel for how things move with “real money” trading.

Later in the video, there’s another short signal. Watch what happens!

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