Live Price Action Trading Signals Reviewed in Webinar

Here’s a recent live webinar conducted April 6, 2020. In this presentation, you’ll see our methods traded live. You, too, can get the same signals. If you’re at home looking for other ways to make money during this difficult time, consider one of our courses: Trade Scalper, ATO 2, or Atlas Line. We also have an eight-week training program called Mentorship that will get you up to speed with everything we have to offer. It’s the most cost-effective way to receive complete training so you can trade the markets daily!

Notable parts of the video above:

  • 00:40: Remember to subscribe on YouTube so you can get notified of new videos we post.
  • 02:00: Trade Scalper Long and Short signals on ES 06-20 chart.
  • 03:06: How to handle volatility spikes and anticipate the moves of other traders
  • 06:15: Download a free news indicator for NinjaTrader
  • 08:10: How to trade and attempt to predict market activity day to day
  • 11:00: Dealing with multiple systems with conflicting signals
  • 11:50: Full display of Trade Scalper signals for the day followed by real-time signal
  • 16:55: Configuring the Trade Scalper software (no optimizing required)
  • 20:00: How markets test highs and break through
  • 22:02: Atlas Line live trading signal (matches Trade Scalper indicated direction) on 1-Minute chart
  • 23:55: 2-Range chart use with the Trade Scalper
  • 28:13: Realistic profit targets and stop losses
  • 39:00: Trade management concepts

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