Atlas Line Right Again? Yes! Another Short Day of Winners…

Here’s a follow-up video from yesterday. Remember when I said the market will be going lower? Well, here we are again today with another Atlas Line short (sell signal). Price dropped soon after that. Another winner!

And what about the Trade Scalper? Many short winners as well, and it looks like many of the long signals were winners, too!

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The 5-Minute chart is similar to the 1-Minute chart, though the trade Scalper only recognized the short opportunities.

We recommend the 1-Minute chart most of the time, as the markets tend to be more volatile these days than they once were.

With purchase of either the Trade Scalper or Atlas Line, expect a training video and live training. We want to make sure you’re up to speed on how to interpret the signals and what types of trades to place.

If you prefer getting both systems, Accelerated Mentorship is the way to go.

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