We Were Right: Predicted Sell-Off Happened 1st Full Trading Day

Remember those sell-off video predictions John Paul recent published? Well, guess what happened the first full trading day of 2021? A big sell-off.

Yes, this Jan. 4, 2021 sell-off was covered all over the news, exactly as anticipated. So, did you listen to those videos and then take advantage of the sell-off with short trades? This is why it is important to make sure you have the right price action trading methods that are backed with the right information. Otherwise, these opportunities will slip by!

Here’s a recent video showing how John Paul used the Trade Scalper to find winning opportunities during the January 4, 2020 sell-off…

In the news, Fox Business said: “Stocks sold off sharply after opening higher on the first day of trading in 2021, despite the prospects for continued fiscal stimulus and coronavirus vaccine rollouts aiding investor optimism.”

CNN said: “Dow tumbles on first trading day of 2021.” In that article, the chief investment officer at UBS Global Wealth Management is quoted saying, “Despite some familiar issues, we believe that global stocks have further room to rise in 2021, and that low interest rates continue to make equity valuations look attractive relative to bonds and cash.”

Forget the reasons why it happened. Instead, as price action traders, we need to focus on (1) HOW to recognize opportunities like this and (2) KNOW how make these events work for us. By simply following the rules of the Trade Scalper method, you’ll see how one contract with a profit target of 15 ticks hypothetically rendered a $187.50 profit. Look at how many of those Trade Scalper short signals appeared throughout the day. It looks very much like the Trade Scalper correctly anticipated the “sell movements” during the sell-off.

If you’re serious about getting into day trading or want to change the way you trade for 2021 and beyond, now is the time to get one of our systems or get everything by enrolling in our 8-Week Mentorship Program.

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