Day Trader Leaves BBC Host at a Loss for Words

A professional day trader offers his opinion on where the global economy is headed, particularly the Eurozone Rescue Plan effects (or lack thereof). Many regard his views as pessimistic, as he believes another recession is underway, partially led by fear-driven markets and the heavy-handed financial players (Goldman, JP Morgan, etc.). His views take many non-traders by surprise – he speaks rather candidly compared to the canned responses seen on most mainstream media outfits.

There has been some discussion on various forums that criticize this trader’s integrity – is he perhaps trying to sway the market in his favor by injecting his own opinion? He doesn’t appear to be selling and products or courses outright. His input is simply a drop in the ocean.

If the Eurozone collapses, money may be be transferred / infused into the U.S. economy, possibly giving rise to the U.S. Dollar. He may be right that governments do not rule the financial world, private financial institutions are in control. As a trader, you should ready to trade what makes money, up or down, (markets) without bias.

What do you think about his take on the immorality of trading?


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