Atlas Line, ATO 2, and ABC Trades All in One Day

Here’s the E-mini S&P with today’s Atlas Line and ATO signals. The Atlas Line’s Strength and Pullback trades provided additional opportunities. Later in the day (the B part), an additional Atlas Line signal was generated. Using the ATR, we can see this signal was worth risking two points. Recently, we’ve seen the market whipsaw back and forth. John Paul thinks this chopping period will soon be over, as markets tend to be cyclical.

The ABC setup also occurred, with price breaking out of the A period (first 2.5 hours after market open). That’s why you see the ABC Short signal. The ABC can be used to potentially forecast a trending day. Look at how the bearish trend continued, with a late-day selloff.

You can get a copy of the ABC software as a bonus with the ATO 2 (click here) or the eight-week Mentorship Program.

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