Atlas Line Trade Worth +6 Points

How has your trading been so far in 2019? December 2018 was a month of steady bearish activity, taking price low to unexpected levels. So far in 2019, things are looking up. In this 2019 Atlas Line video, you can see how the Atlas Line produced two successful signals.

The Atlas Line software consists of the blue line and signals seen in the video. When price moves through the line and two candles close, a long or short signal is generated. You’ll know exactly when a signal will occur, so you can prepare in advance. From that point, it’s a matter of following the rules. The included training video explains it all.

Often, the Atlas Line can be used as an indication of support or resistance. Price tends to “bounce” off the Atlas Line. We tend to think this activity further validates anticipated market direction.

When you’re in a profitable position, it’s tempting to hold on for too long. The market can suddenly go against you and leave you with a smaller profit or worse. It’s important that you stick to the rules and have the discipline to know when to lock in profits and get out.

Practice is super important. Once you are a customer, we can assist you further with setting up a real-time practice environment. That way, you can feel comfortable before risking real money in the markets.

Make sure you watch the full video for a coupon code! Then click here to visit the Atlas Line page.

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