Frank Reviews Our Coaching Program (Private Mentorship)

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After purchasing the Atlas Line and a couple other courses, Frank decided to take his understanding of the markets one step further by joining the eight week Private Mentorship Program. In this video testimonial, Frank gives his results and opinion of the course material thus far. He’s currently midway through the education, and has learned many E-Mini trading techniques that have produced consistent results. In fact, he’s averaging four points a day and is done trading by 9:30 a.m. (he starts early in the morning).

You can join a new eight week semester of Private Mentorship that begins Monday, Nov. 7. Classes are held twice a week. All Day Trade to Win courses and software are included and discussed in greater detail along with many other techniques you can only learn through Mentorship. In addition, each training session is recorded so you always have a video reference.

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