Any Winning Atlas Line & Trade Scalper Signals Today?

Price Action Trading System: Trade Scalper
Price Action Trading System: Atlas Line

Hopefully, this helps with some of the requests for charts we’ve been having lately. Here are two E-mini S&P 500 (ES 09-20) charts from today. A 1-Minute Chart contained the Trade Scalper. A 5-Minute contained the Atlas Line.

We were happy to see the Atlas Line aiding the Trade Scalper by confirming that short (sell) trades were the priority. You see, the Atlas Line gives us an overall direction of where price is expected to go, so when we see other systems like the Trade Scalper move in the same direction, we think those trades are better. Yes, both methods work well together.

The Atlas Line’s own signals were good, too. We saw price drop soon after each Short signal on the Atlas Line’s 5-Minute chart.

You could purchase each method as a standalone system or use them together like we do – the choice is yours! Click here for our courses page to read more about both.

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