2014 Market Review and Futures Forecast with NinjaTrader

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John Paul conducted a presentation for NinjaTrader, in which he covered his price action approach to the markets, what to expect in 2014, and how to improve your results.

Some of the topics discussed:

• Best time of the day to trade – why the first 2.5 hours are usually the best

• Why manipulation occurs – handling overbought or oversold markets and “testing” previous prices

• Why your trading methods should work with trending and non-trending days

• Why you should be using the ATR and what it can tell you about the market

• Where you should go to find about news events that can impact the markets

• How to plan for trending or whipsaw days on the E-mini S&P 500

• A peak at the Trade Scalper software for NinjaTrader (you fully learn this method in the Trade Scalper course, so the software is not required)

• Where John Paul expects the market to reach later this year

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