4 Rules of Successful Traders?

Hello Traders! Today, I’m going to cover four essential rules for trading success. Whether you’re trading crypto, stocks, futures, Forex, or any other asset, these rules are fundamental. I’ll also be demonstrating how the Roadmap software on TradingView charts, which is also available for NinjaTrader, can assist you in your trading journey.

Before we begin, remember that trading is risky. Please do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose. Always be aware of the risks involved in trading.

Rule 1: Price Action Trading

Price action trading is the first rule. So, what is price action trading? Price action refers to the movement of a security’s price over time. This movement forms the basis for all technical analysis of stocks, commodities, or other assets. Essentially, price action trading involves looking at price changes over time to make informed trading decisions.

Using the Roadmap software, we can identify specific zones where we should be focusing our trading efforts. The software plots these zones—Zone A, Zone B, and so on—which help us understand where support and resistance levels are. When the market enters these zones, we can make informed decisions based on whether the price action indicates a continuation or a reversal. This approach helps us identify critical points where the market may not continue higher or lower, thus providing valuable insights for our trading strategy.

Rule 2: Filtering Trades Effectively

The second rule is filtering trades effectively. Many traders fail to filter their trades, which can significantly impact their success. Knowing when not to enter the market is just as crucial as knowing when to enter. Filtering trades involves using different methodologies to confirm trading signals.

For example, the Roadmap software helps identify zones where we should avoid going long or short. These zones act as filters. If multiple methodologies—like the Trade Scalper, At The Open, and Atlas Line—all suggest the same trading direction, it’s a strong signal to take that trade. Conversely, if the methods give conflicting signals, it’s best to stay out of the market. This approach ensures that we only take high-probability trades, thus improving our overall trading performance.

Rule 3: Using Exact Trade Entries

Using exact trade entries is the third rule. It’s essential to have a precise entry price for your trades, whether you’re going long or short. Instead of impulsively entering the market, wait for the right conditions.

For instance, when the market enters a zone on the Roadmap, we look for specific price action to determine our entry point. We might wait for two candles to close in our direction, solidifying the price action and giving us a precise entry price. This disciplined approach ensures that we are not just jumping into the market based on gut feeling but are entering with a clear strategy and purpose.

Rule 4: Importance of Patience in Trading

The fourth and final rule is the importance of patience. Patience is crucial in trading. It’s about waiting for the right opportunity and not forcing trades when the conditions aren’t favorable.

When the market is in a zone, we must be patient and wait for it to either break through the zone or reverse direction. This waiting period can be challenging, but it’s essential to avoid making impulsive decisions. For instance, if the market breaks below a support zone, it might signal a short trade. Conversely, if it reverses and moves above the zone, it could be a long trade opportunity. By being patient, we ensure that we only enter trades when the conditions are optimal.


Following these four rules—price action trading, filtering trades effectively, using exact trade entries, and being patient—can significantly enhance your trading success. The Roadmap software on TradingView and NinjaTrader can be an invaluable tool in implementing these rules.

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Until next time, good trading!

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