2x Videos: Today’s Scalping Signals + 90-min of Uninterrupted Signals

Today’s video starts off with 3x great Trade Scalper signals appearing on the chart. John Paul places a long (buy) trade based on the most recent long signal.

Sometimes, price will rapidly hit a profit target. That’s what we like to see. That’s what happened today…

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It’s important to place a trade quickly after seeing a signal. By all means, don’t rush into a trade, but know the market will eventually move away from the entry signal the longer you wait.

Once an order is filled for a long/buy trade, the goal is for price to go up and reach or surpass the profit target. A stop loss is your way out of the market – a way to exit at a controlled and predetermined amount of loss. Using a specific profit target and stop loss approach is one means of responsible risk management and is essential for serious trading.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could always use 1 tick for a stop loss and 4+ ticks for a profit target? From our years of experience, we can tell you that real trading doesn’t work that way. You have to allow price to “breath”. For example, trading too conservatively (with a tight stop) may exit you prematurely before your profit target can be reached.

Did you miss yesterday’s video containing 90 minutes of uninterrupted Trade Scalper signals? Here it is…

>> Get the Trade Scalper signals on your charts today <<

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