What you’re observing here is the application of roadmap software. This software strategically places zones on your chart, serving dual purposes—acting as a filter and guiding you on where to initiate a long or short entry. In essence, it is fundamentally a counter-trend strategy.

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The Roadmap is the leading trading method offered in our big DayTradeToWin Accelerated Mentorship Program. Normally, you can only get the Roadmap by enrolling in Mentorship.

As a complete system, the Roadmap is now available to use standalone or complement your existing approach.

Looking at what is displayed, you can observe the software signal that suggests going “long” on this roadmap. Once the trading activity reaches this established zone and rebounds off it, that’s the signal you look for.

However, there’s also an alternative concept. You could move in that direction if the activity pierces through this designated zone. But here, since it recoiled from the zone and went long, it generated a signal at 4484.50 to enter a long position. This would have been the exact same signal generated for those utilizing the roadmap software on the E-mini S&P this morning around 9:35.

There is another zone located above. This upper zone suggests either refraining from maintaining a long position once it lands in that zone or utilizing it as a profit target.

These roadmap zones prove exceptionally useful for some who are working towards getting funded in some of the funding accounts programs. They guide whether to enter a long or short position.

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