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When you have two separate strategies telling you to go either long or short, you feel more confident in taking the trade. In this video, John Paul shows how a technique called the Blueprint Trade (taught in the Power Price Action DVD course) coincides with a Long signal produced by the Atlas Line software. Since price is trading above the plotted Atlas Line, we have an indication to look for long trades. The actual entry for this trade is identified by the Blueprint technique. John Paul places the long trade at 1639.25. You can always see where the entries are because they have a tan color in the SuperDOM window. The profit target is 1.25 points based on the ATR (Average True Range) using a period setting of four. The video is fast forwarded with the audio commentary dubbed over. You’ll see the profit target hit in a short while. The Atlas Line can be used for the Trade Scalper method as well. It’s really a matter of preference – if you like to trade a lot and don’t mind the broker fees, scalping is a great way to trade. Power Price Action has fewer opportunities but focuses on bigger moves than scalping.

In the Mentorship Program, you’ll learn all of the Power Price Action Methods, get a copy of the Atlas Line lifetime license, and learn about 8 or so other price action strategies. The next class begins June 20, 2013. Space is still available. Call us or use the contact page to find out more.

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