Here’s a video of the last few days trading the At the Open (ATO) method on the E-Mini (ES) and the Euro (6E) currency. See the profitable results for the last few days as John Paul scrolls through the NinjaTrader chart, showing the exact entries the ATO software provides. In total, there are five straight ES winners and two 6E winners. There are undoubtedly more, but time is of the essence! The ATO is a mechanical, price action method that focuses on making profit from the day’s initial move. The profit targets, order types, stops and management are covered in the digital book and included live training session. The included software can be used as an optional aid.

Remember that the ATO course and included live training covers the following:

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  1. i already have the atlas method and been using it only for a couple trades each morning so i think i might get the ato too to help me focus on 2 winners a day to day trade the es before noon. i’ll need nate to set it up for me again

  2. loving how price action gives clarity without the clutter of indicators and technical mumbo jumbo that everyone tries to follow. great job guys!

  3. How much do you recommend having in a trading acct. to start the program? And are you guys trading stocks or options?
    thank you

    1. Hi Sandy,

      You do not need to have a funded trading account to start any of our programs. We recommend that you take time learning and practicing our methods before trading them with real money. For trading futures, an account size of about $4,000 should suffice for up to two contracts. We recommend taking a look at our free Get Started Trading Guide, as it discusses other considerations. John Paul focuses on trading futures, although you can use the methods taught in the Power Price Action course with stocks.

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